City of Mandurah

(Western Australia)



Council Managed Lakes

The Newport Lakes are 200 meters apart and were toxic, dirty, and with odour issues and no wildlife. The City of Mandurah had tried several different applications but with no positive results.

After losing birds every week from botulism, Director of Sustainable Development Tony Free was introduced to TWC while attending the 2011 Innovator of the year awards and decided to use our new technology to save their wildlife.

The Solution

Initially we treated only one of the lakes for comparison reasons, floating 18 KG of Industrial grade TWC blocks into the 200 m2 lake (well away from the edge) and waited for 6 months.

The Result

Within two weeks of treatment no dead birds were found at the treated lake. After approximately 6 months, there was a noticeable improvement in the clarity of water, no odour and a noticeable return of marine and wildlife. The Water Cleanser had also re-oxygenated the surface soil, resulting in the return of healthy trees, grasses and plants around the lake.


“With the state of the degraded lakes in our Council and the ineffective solutions we had tried it was decided to trial this new exciting product.


Within a week of treatment, the birds returned, and over a six months trial, all plant life has come back to full health with no more algae blooms or bad smells. With the simplicity of application for our staff and low cost of the product we are now treating 32 lakes in the city of Mandurah”


Keith Box

Manager, Operation Services

City of Mandurah, Western Australia