TWC & UN Global Water Standards


TWC products are all made from 100% natural materials and its application does not produce toxins or other residual pollution. Independent toxicology testing was carried out by the Swan River Trust at an independent laboratory (Intertek) to confirm if TWC met global water standards under the United Nations Globally Harmonised System (GHS) and the ANZECC (2000) Water Quality Guidelines.
These tests were set to show how a product affected the most delicate ecology species in a waterway. To go into any natural water body in the world you must show in 4 of these tests for ANZECC and GHS a level above 940, meaning a toxicity below 6%. To meet the Swan River Trust levels for the Swan River we had to show over 8 of these tests a level above 960 and a toxicity below 4%.

The TWC toxicology test results were outstanding with Intertek’s Dr Tristan Stringer confirming that TWC was the first product ever tested under these standards to:


  • Not have a toxicity rating.
  • Produce a positive result over all testing parameters (reference: NO040817I