Using TWC

It is important to understand that the TWC block works by encouraging the natural environment to solve or improve the water quality. Depending on the existing water quality and unique circumstances, the timing of results will vary. For example, where there is water flow or circulation, the product will work faster. However, in most cases there will be results within 10 weeks.

Similarly, TWC is an organic product and works best when treating organic water issues (such as waste or algae blooms). If your water quality issues are being generated by chemical influences (i.e. fertilizer or insecticides) then the product will help it will but may take longer to control the problem. If chemical influences are present it will take longer for the TWC block to take effect. In this type of situation combining the TWC bock with best management practices is crucial.



Where you place the TWC blocks depends on the type of bacteria that needs to be grown. Basically, there are two main areas you must concentrate on – Aerobic and Anaerobic bacteria.

Aerobic bacteria require high concentrations of oxygen so they gather in the top 2 cm of the water column where the oxygen levels are at the highest. Anaerobic bacteria are poisoned by oxygen, so they concentrate at the bottom of the water column. Therefore, block placement should vary according to the type of bacteria that is required to be grown.


The typical steps for using TWC blocks in industrial projects (such as lakes, reservoirs, rivers and treatment ponds) are as follows:



–    Industrial strength TWC standard block or large blocks are used. Write a date on the block or note that the blocks should be replaced after 6 months or as advised by TWC.

–    TWC will advise on whether the blocks should be sunk (using weighted blocks) or floated (attached to a rope).



–    The blocks are usually spread evenly. Each standard block covers up to 120 m2 or each large block covers up to 500 m2.

–    Water depth should be no more than 5-6 meters deep for best results. Blocks should be placed away from the water’s edge to ensure they are submerged as they will melt out of water.



–    If there are no beneficial results after 10 weeks then we need to analyse your water for likely sources of contamination that may require additional treatment.


Results for TWC’s industrial application include:


  • Increased oxygen levels in surface soil
  • Elimination of odor
  • Elimination of algal blooms
  • Cleaner and healthier water
  • Return of aquatic life and wildlife
  • Improvement in plant life
  • Restoration of the natural ecosystem



Please consult us for more information on technical standards and results.