WA Water Corporation (Western Australia)



 Removing the Stink – Using TWC to clean Sewerage Ponds

The client came to us with the problem of their sewerage ponds being extremely smelly and dirty. Local residents were complaining to the Shire that in certain wind conditions the smell of sewerage emitting from the ponds was blowing right through town and ran the risk of causing a down turn in tourist activity.

The Test

Initially a test was run with Sewage Water being placed in a controlled environment with approximately 400 grams of TWC added to 40 L of sewage water. Aeration was provided to all the tanks during the test. By day 29 the water was as clear as drinking water, the waste having settled to the bottom of the tanks as hard flakes.

The Solution

The blocks were thrown into the water away from the edge and spaced evenly around the ponds. In this case 4 blocks were used (5 KG per pond).

The Result

After 25 days, 20 KG of TWC has made a dramatic difference to the quality of the water. The overflow pond was completely clear (for the first time ever). The Residents were happy that the sewerage ponds no longer had a foul smell.